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How people with C.P. relates to music.

Jammin' With C.P.

Every human being on earth relates to one common ground, and that's music.

Everybody relates to it differently. For example, one might get the urge to sing along with their favorite tunes while another person might just dance to the same song rather than sing. Others, like myself for instance, will pick up their guitar and play along with the song.

People with Cerebral Palsy are no different. We too sing along and/or dance, and those like myself with the light form of C.P. will play along with a guitar while listening to a tune they enjoy. In the songs I take a liking to, I go more for the words (or lyrics as they're more commonly known as) than the music parts of them. People with Cerebral Palsy relate to music just like you would. The only difference is that some of us have difficulties in our motor skills.

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