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Jammin' With C.P.

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Different Levels of Cerebral Palsy

This is me
At my computer
at my computer.

Each level of Cerebral Palsy requires a different way of working with a computer. Some computers have a special program to help them be able to type while others require a different type of computer or setup to help them type e-mails and print stuff on their printers.

For example: You saw my photos on the other pages of my website which shows that I have the mild type of Cerebral Palsy. My friend Kayla, whom I met through her website, is a remarkable lady because her level of Cerebral Palsy is a bit more severe than mine is.  So, she has to compensate for her hands by typing with her nose. She's pretty good at it too as you'll notice in her website pages. Yep, she typed it all herself without help from anybody even though I'm sure offers were made. Like me she enjoys having some independence doing things herself, and after reading and viewing her entire website, you'll see she's also quite creative too.

In 1988, I got my first experience with computers. That was when the ole 286's were the talk of the town, and the 386's were still on the drawing board at IBM and other companies. Back when you had only a 2400 baud speed modem which took days just to download a Frogger game or a kaleidoscope to view on a black and white monitor screen.

Technology and the Information Highway have allowed people with different types of Cerebral Palsy (like Kayla and I) to reach out and make a friend.  I hope this web site will help me make more friends.

Jamin With C.P.

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Kayla's CP Page

Tink's Links

Mikki's Grandma's House poetry site

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These two sites below have software and devices that help people with special needs use a computer easier.

Innovation Management Group

R.J. Cooper

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Award from Kayla

I never thought I'd ever get any type of an award in my lifetime, but Kayla sure did surprise me with this award. I was inspired by Kayla to do a website about my life with Cerebral Palsy, and how it has affected the concerts I've done over the years and how it affects me now.

Kayla is quite an inspiration as demonstrated by her journalism skills and writing abilities. For those of you visiting this webpage, I think it would be worth your time to visit Kayla's website, and if you do, you'll realize what remarkable lady she really is. You can click on the link on this page to visit her site.

Thank you, Kayla!
C.P. Musician

Musical Note 3

Award from Tink

I'd like to thank Tink for this terrific Award.

She's a specially talented woman who can create beautiful Awards for web sites. She's very artistic and is admired by all who visit her webpages.

I met Tink shortly after I met Kayla when I asked for her help in creating an Award for Kayla's web site. I had no idea just how gifted she was at doing Awards.

She's got a remarkable web site of her own too. Just click on the Award or the "Tink's Links" button above to visit her web site and browse around. I'm very sure you'll find her web site quite amazing. She's an artist no doubt and is very good at it too.

Tink! Thank You So Much For a Great Award! I am very pleased with it.

C.P. Musician

Musical Note 2

Award from John

It was a surprise when John sent me this Award, and I want to thank him very much for it!

John had an inspiring web site called "Positive Steps," but it's no longer exist. I'm very pleased that he thought my site is worthy of this Award.

Jamin With C.P.

Musical Note 2

Thanks, Dark Shadow!

Angel Dark Shadow's Words Of Revolution

Thanks again, Dark Shadow!

Angel Dark Shadow's "Majestic Wolf" Page

I'm truly honored that Angel Dark Shadow gave me the above Award and Gift! She sure is creative at making Awards.

She's creative at making websites too. Above are links to two of her webpages that you should check out!

Thank you, Angel Dark Shadow!
Jamin With C.P.

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