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Father's Day 2007
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What Is a Father

A father is a person who always there to lend a helping hand and to teach and guide, yet allows the child to also learn by his or her own mistakes in life.


A father is a person who seems to find ways to mend broken things that fall apart when it’s least expected and is able to help the child adapt to life as they grow older.


Fathers are there in case of troubled times and help find a way to get his child out of the mangled mess he got himself into from time to time.


Day to day, a father stands on alert waiting at a moment’s notice in case something goes wrong. Without fear, he tends to the situation even though the struggles and solution seem rather tough to solve whatever it is.


A father knows what life’s road holds ahead, and through his words, steers the child to avoid a danger or a risk far too great to bare.


A father reaches out in hopes to chat, play guitars or games like Horse Shoes and engage in some fun time with his child.


As the child soars into adulthood, a father finds it tough to keep up, but does in case he’s needed or wanted should advice be requested or a helping hand needed to guide his child back on the right path in life.


Through good times and bad times, a father stands ready to steer the child through a problem he or she may be facing along life’s way.


A father endures many things not only through his own life, but throughout the life of his child as well.


Though we only celebrate our fathers one day each year, they should be celebrated each and every day instead, because of their wisdom, teachings and guidance that someday his child will lean on what Dad has taught him or her.


Despite the aging process we go through in life, fathers are there for a reason for the child: to teach him or her right from wrong, how to cope with life’s struggles, and how to get along.


Year after year, more memories are made because a father and child have found a bond somewhere along the way that keeps them close to one another; whether it’s fixing a broken down vehicle or standing on a stage entertaining others.


Who else do you know that could or would come to your rescue in a crisis or to your own home to repair things for you than your own father?


My father is all those things and much, much more, and to this very day, I’m superbly PROUD to have the father I have!!!!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!!

Written for Father’s Day 2007

Song: "That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine"

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